About Me

It started when I was a child. My Dad used a camera to take pictures of landscapes near our home. Eventually, his camera found its way into my hands. I took plenty of self portraits and pictures of my pets. I would love taking my negatives to the local photo shop to have them developed to see what would come of my photos. Later, I would buy my first point and shoot camera, but it wasn’t until I purchased my first mirrorless camera, the Sony A6000,  that I would really take off with photography. Today, I use a full frame Sony A7r and love every opportunity I get to take photos and share them with others.

Where I work

Born to travel, I have been to more than half of the states and 13 different countries. Everywhere I go, I take my camera! I enjoy shooting on location in various cities throughout America, as well as in my current city of residence: Sacramento, CA.

At first all I could afford was a Sony. At the time they were a good entry level brand into photography. As Sony grew in the market, I grew in my skills as a photographer. Today, I work with top of the line mirrorless Sony A7 camera series. I use the A7r full frame SLR with multiple lenses to grab the perfect shot.


Looking for some fresh headshots? Whether its for your LinkedIn profile, your dating profile, professional, model shots, senior portraits, or simply for personal use, I can snap the shot! There are great spots all around the Denver metro area that I can suggest for you to have the perfect picture.

Corporate Events

I offer event photography to capture the excellence of your  event! If it there is a special speaker coming to speak at your corporate event or if it’s a special dinner that you want to capture for the memories, I can be there with camera in hand.

Engagements and Proposals

Love is in the air! Couples looking to captures their unique love can hire me for their shoots.  I work with couples to ensure their engagement photos portray the love they have for each other. Whether it is in Denver metro area, or on location in the beautiful nearby mountains, I am willing to help you find the perfect spot to show your love.

Family Shoots

Family photoshoots are some of my favorite kind to do! Wrangling the little ones for a shoot is always a fun task, but it’s worth it for the perfect family picture that will last a lifetime. I provide family sessions to capture your beautiful family in any season.

Service Journeys

From the Dominican Republic to the streets of Oslo, Norway, I’ve travelled all around the world taking photos. There are so many good projects that people are doing across the globe. Whether it is a service journey in a downtown area or a mission trip to another country, I offer photography services to capture the time spent helping others for a church, non-profit, or other business.